Navigating Your Facebook Page Made Fun & Easy Part 3

Navigating Your Facebook Page Made Fun & Easy Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of this fun series on navigating your Facebook page made fun and easy! Part 1 was dedicated to the messages tab, where we learned how to set up automatic replies on your Facebook page, which is always helpful! Part 2 we dedicate to getting to know all those notifications you are getting and how to really check for what is important. Today we are going to venture into the world of DATA! I know its the 4 letter word that you most dread hearing when it comes to social media, however it can be really fun too! 

Facebook Insights & What they Really Mean

A lot of people never even know to click that fun little tab labeled "Insights" on their Facebook Page. The there are some that clicked it and get scared by all the information that is on it, which is understandable, I mean have you seen all those numbers? Well I am going to break it down and make it so easy to understand that you will love looking at your insights all the time! 

The first tab you will see is going to look like this:

You can see here

1. Actions on Page: this is the number of people that clicked your call to action button on your page or your page's contact info. If you don't have a call to action button set up check out how to do that here

2. People: Your audience and what their age range is and what sort of device they used to look at your page. 

3. Page Views: The total number of times your page was looked at in your time range.

4. Page Likes: This lets you know how many likes you have gained (or lost) in your specified time period 

5. People reached: The number of people who saw your content posted over your time period. Don't you love my 6,283% increase?!?! wowza! If your numbers are not this high, have no fear! I only got this number because I launched my page to all my friends a couple of weeks before writing this post so don't beat yourself up if this number is waaayyy lower! Just aim for around a 5-10% increase per month! 

6. Post Engagements: THIS is the number we care about! We want to see good increases (15% to 20%) month over month here! 

Using Insights to Schedule Posts

little known fact is that you can actually use Facebook insights to determine WHEN to post for social media. Your best time to post for Facebook are dependent on your audience, their time zones, season of the year, and other factors. To view your post timing insights simply go to post on the left hand column of the page and a neat-o little chart will show up that looks like this:


Now here comes the fun part. Watch what happens when you mouse over each day of the week: 

What I do, is go in and figure out all my peak times and put them into a spreadsheet and once I have done that I figure out what types of content I want to post on which days, It seems simple but unless you have a strong content strategy this can be a challenge.

Happy Posting!

Brittany Thompson of Social-Caffeine  

Britany is the Founder of Social-Caffeine, and has been in social media marketing since the birth of the industry. She brings experience from years of marketing strategy for clients. She has taught social marketing seminars all over the United States, and currently hosts a successful monthly webinar series for vacation rental managers called “Tea with Brittany Lea”. Follow her on Instagram @socialcaffeine.

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