The Importance of Social Commerce for Start-Ups

If you are starting a new business or launching your own start-up, there is a term which you will have come across multiple times: social commerce.

It seems that all we hear about now is social media and online shopping, they dominate the internet and have a tight grip on our lives. Social commerce is the amalgamation of these two things and the idea that they should be merged into one to provide the true modern shopping experience.

Social commerce is a must for today’s businesses and if you are starting out in the world of business, it is something you need to know about.

Social commerce allows you to share your shopping experience with friends, or shop with your favorite brands without even having to leave your favorite social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram.

Now, most young people and even most middle-aged people have at least two social media accounts and spend several hours per week (or per day in some cases) scrolling through their newsfeeds, engaging with their favorite brands and looking for stuff to buy.

So, why would the whole shopping experience not be made simpler by integrating it with social media? It is something which, now we look back, was inevitable. Even huge e-commerce sites such as eBay are doing this; they recognize that social commerce plays a central role on social media sites.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest now all have inbuilt functionality for businesses to sell their products through their social media pages. Arguably, the company that reveals the full potential of social commerce strategies on each of these platforms is Nike. A great deal can be learned about proper social engagement simply by following the moves of the sportswear giant.

As a new business, this is something which you absolutely must take advantage of. There are lots of different ways you can manipulate social commerce to convert potential customers into paying customers and keep prior customers coming back for more.

Social commerce brings you (the seller) together with your customers (the buyers) in one place. Before purchasing, the buyer can learn everything they need to know about you through your social media page and then make a purchase without having to go to an external website, browse through it and then have to input all their details.

It is a seamless and modern way to shop.

Social media is giving consumers access to an unlimited number of products from thousands of brands right at their fingertips, and they are eating it up.

If you want to learn more about social commerce and the role it plays in modern e-commerce, have a read through our infographic which is full of useful tips, information, facts and insights.

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